Protecting Communities

Protecting consumers, seniors, and our most vulnerable residents is one of Mr. Wieckowski's top priorities in the Senate. Over the course of his career prior to elected office, Senator Wieckowski worked as a bankruptcy attorney, helping families and seniors navigate through difficult times, and keep their homes, and retain their dignity. As an elected official, Senator Wieckowski sees it as his duty to continue that work, and be a voice for his constituents in Sacramento, fighting to protect their rights. He has been recognized by the East Bay Community Law Center for his work against abusive debt collectors and oppressive wage garnishments, and he has been awarded the California Judges Association's "Scales of Justice Award" for his work in improving our court systems.

Recently, Senator Wieckowski has introduced a number of pieces of legislation to protect communities. His recently introduced bill, SB 16, would limit the amount of money private student loan companies could garnish from people's paychecks, putting it in line with what federal loan providers can garnish. Recently, Governor Brown signed SB 501, a bill introduced by Senator Wieckowski that lowers the amount of money that can be garnished from low-wage workers. Senator Wieckowski has also passed legislation protecting workers rights in arbitration hearings, easing barriers homeowners face when building accessary dwelling units on their property, and protecting our drinking water.


Clean Technology

California's 10th Senate district is home to more clean tech companies than any other district in California. From solar panels, to electric vehicles, clean technology is a major driver of economic growth in our district, and an important piece of fighting climate change. Recently, Senator Wieckowski was part of a delegation to the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change, where he participated in discussions about bringing the government and private sectors together to support climate resilient developments.

Senator Wieckowski is a leader in advocating for climate adaptation programs, and has participated on state and regional panels examining green infrastructure investments. As Chair of the Senate Environemntal Quality Committee and Budget Subcommittee on Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation, he will have an important role in creating sensible, sustainable policies that will protect our planet, our communities, and our health. 



Made in California

Supporting the work of the communities in Senate District 10 is a key focus of Senator Wieckowski. The Senator's Made in California project is designed to improve our local economies and our state by putting people back to work, expanding businesses in the 10th Senate District, and promoting California as a leader in innovation, technology, and job creation. By expanding workforce training, and providing tax cuts to small businesses, we can help more Californian's get to work and grow our economy.

Senator Wieckowski has worked with the Governor's office to promote tax credits for companies seeking to relocate or expand in California. He has also introduced legislation to allow for innovative and affordable building development in Santa Clara county